Sentimental Gentlemen

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May 11 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Birmingham , AL

Here we go again!
Four friends got together in August to put together a competition
quartet for the “Seniors” category at the 2018 Fall Dixie District
Contest. Two of the boys are brand new quartet contestants, so that
qualified us to be in the “Novice” category in the competition as well.
And what do you know? We not only won “Novice,” we had enough fun
to continue the act!
Keith Lowry is singing lead. Steve Callahan sings tenor. Ed
anchors the base. And Tom Brown fills in the baritone.
Sweet and smooth. Sort of ... “sentimental” we would say.

Awards and Achievements: 

2018 Dixie District Novice Champions