Voices of the South is a Birmingham-based a cappella group that began with a vision to be the best men’s chorus in Alabama. Our distinctive four-part harmony sound and diverse repertoire appeals to listeners of all kinds. This talented chorus produces technically demanding and exciting choral sounds you will hear at every performance. Each singer is a volunteer and is a chorus donor in his own right supporting the chorus both financially as well as with his time and talent. The chorus uses the love of music — our universal language — to touch hearts and lift spirits of our audiences.

Providing Financial Support

Traditionally, performers in all areas of the arts look to donors for financial assistance. The vitality and success of many artistic endeavors often depend on the generosity of patrons.

Voices of the South is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and an entirely volunteer organization comprised primarily of students and retired citizens. The chorus earns most of its income through live performances and our Singing Valentine program. In order for the chorus to travel, receive high caliber coaching, and produce shows, we need significant financial contributions from friends, families, and patrons of the arts.

If you enjoy top-quality live choral music performances, we would appreciate your financial assistance to help ensure Voices can continue to perpetuate the uniquely-American barbershop style of music.

So if you have found your way to this page, we hope that it is because the music of Voices of the South has touched or inspired you in some way. And if so, please do consider a donation of any amount to help the chorus. So that we may continue to spread love and joy through music for many years to come.

Donate Now

Click on the “Donate” button to make a one-time cash contribution.

We also invite you to become a benefactor of the Voices of the South Ring of Honor by supporting the chorus with a more significant contribution. Your contribution to Voices of the South represents a solid investment in the preservation of musical excellence. By becoming a Ring of Honor contributor, your gift will help us advance the arts and continue bringing world-class performances to our audiences.To show our appreciation, we are offering a variety of benefits as outlined below.


Platinum ($3,000)

Contribution acknowledgement and prominent
ad in show programs and on the Voices of the
South website. Complimentary Singing
Valentine. Show tickets. Voices chorus or a
Voices quartet performance at your venue
(date availability permitting).

Gold ($1,000)
Contribution acknowledgement and/or
prominent ad in show programs and on the
Voices of the South website. Complimentary
Singing Valentine. Show tickets.

Silver ($500)
Contribution acknowledgement in show
programs and on the Voices of the South
website. Show tickets.

Bronze ($300)
Contribution acknowledgement in show
program and show tickets.

Partner ($100)
Contribution acknowledgement in show

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Thank you for your gift! Please also fill out the form below if you'd like to stay in touch with Voices of the South regarding our future projects, dedicating any past or planned donations, or if you would like to become a sponsor! If you have any questions about Voices of the South's Ring of Honor program, feel free to contact our Patron Program Manager at [email protected].