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Sponsoring a group like the Voices of the South helps ensure the presence of quality music in our city.  As we journey to varying performances we lift spirits and help ensure that music education continues.  Please consider supporting us in our endeavors. Sponsorship is one way to help with this.  Below are several levels that you con officially sponsor our chorus.


Level 1                        $100 - $249

  • Name in show program
  • Two show tickets


Level 2                        $250 - $499

  • Name in show program
  • Four show tickets


Level 3                        $500 - $999

  • Name in show program
  • Six show tickets
  • Name in e-Voices monthly newsletter


Level 4                        $1000 - $4999

  • Logo in show program
  • 10 show tickets
  • Logo in e-Voices monthly newsletter


Level 5                        $5000+

  • Logo in show program
  • 20 show tickets
  • Logo in e-Voices monthly newsletter
  • 1 free performance (up to 30 minutes) for donor

Click here to contact us about becoming a sponsor!