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Date/Link Featured Article Spotlight
2018-September Wings of Hope Bowling & Competing Quartets Tony Ivey
2018-August Galleria Sing Out None
2018-July God Bless the USA None
2018-June St. Aloysius Patriotic Sing Out None
2018-May Saint Mark Concert Silver Lining & Rebecca Luker
2018-April Wings of Hope Donation None
2018-March Contest Upcoming and Valentines Recap Karl Turner
2018-February Valentines Day Joe Rosso
2018-January Christmas Cheer & Valentines Arlin Wilsher
2017-December Christmas Show Announcement Michael Giddens
2017-November Iron City & Christmas Show Kyle Stringer
2017-October Most Improved Chorus Keith Lowry
2017-September Wings of Hope Bowling Benefit & Chorus Coaching Bob Peters
2017-August Barons Game & St Mark Show Will Jordan
2017-July Summer Concert & St. Aloycious Tony Ivey
2017-June St. Aloycious & Barons Steve Callahan
2017-May Follow Us On Facebook Dennis Jones
2017-April Voices & Silver Lining Competition Keith Lowry (short)
2017-March Valentines Wrap Up Alex Garrison
2017-February Valentines & Wings Of Hope Matt Harris
2017-January Christmas Show(s) Wrap Up Ean Nazarchyck
2016-December Christmas Show Jim Weldon
2016-November Third Place at Competition Linc Parrot
2016-October Art Walk Review Andy Hogue
2016-September Wings of Hope Bowling Gary Claypool
2016-August Christmas at the Lyric Jim Phillips
2016-July Wings Of Hope Introduction Butch Goldblatt
2016-June Silver Lining Introduction Frank Holmes
2016-May Preparations for Baron's Game Knarf Buttler
2016-April New Director Matt Powell
2016-March Singing Valentines Review Sonny Holt
2016-February Lyric Theatre Dedication Darrell Mansfield
2016-January Singing Valentines Karl Turner
2015-December Christmas show promotion Ed Wharton
2015-November Fall contest review Daniel Hipps
2015-October Friends and family night Larry Jones
2015-September John Herr article Tommy Brown
2015-August St. Alouisous performance Linc Parrott
2015-July Director's workshop Kenny Hatton
2015-June First edition sent to just chorus Kenny Hatton














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